Habenero Photography License to use Photographic Images

Richard Henne, owner of Habenero Photography, grants permission to publish images of ______________________________, taken on ________________________,  for self promotional use.  Images may be published online, or in print provided Richard Henne or Habenero Photography is acknowledged as the source and copyright holder of the image.  The credit can be in the form of a by line, caption, watermark, or printed somewhere visible on the back of the media used for the print.  The size of the print cannot exceed 10 x 15. 

Self promotional use is limited to Business Cards, Post cards, Flyers, brochures, photographs that have an image size equal to or less than 10 x 15, web images (max resolution 72 dpi with maximum side 720 pixels).

Any use not specifically granted in the above wording is prohibited unless Richard Henne specifically grants it in writing. 

Dated: _______________________________________


Richard Henne, owner of Habenero Photography

2527 W. Onza Avenue

Mesa, AZ  85202

480 650 2291