A camera captures an image which is only as true as the photographer (or printmaker) wants it to be. Film is limited in its ability to store information and photographic paper reveals only part of what is on the film. It is through manipulation of the image in the darkroom (either chemical or digital) that you get to see anything. The image you see may or may not be what was really there. A photographer is like a good sleight of hand artist, revealing the parts of the film he wants to show you, with the other parts hidden just enough so you think you saw the entire image. You enjoy the work and never really feel you missed anything.
Though I started takingpictures in 1964, I didnt really get my act together as a photographer until 1989. Thats when I bought my color darkroom equipment and started using it to create photographs that portrayed the feel of the moment rather than the exact image the camera saw. My work is now done in a digital darkroom and I have expanded my palate accordingly. The work you see here has been made so you can see some of the things that I enjoy.

Remember, photographs can lie!



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