Rollercoaster Life

Last week ended on an upbeat, I sold a large image. Tuesday, I spent having needles poked in for both insertion of contrast solution for another test and blood work to check on the progress of my biggest headache.

With dilated eyes, working on my website or images was impossible and the double vision that occurs when I am stressed didn’t help.

I would like to know if my readers have a preference for the type of images they would like me to put up on this site? The choices are as follows;

  • Landscape
  • Alien
  • Abstract
  • Nymph
  • Psychedelic
  • Travel
  • Architecture
  • Reflections
  • Fauna
  • Flora

I Am Moving On

I am now officially retired from my old career of Electronic Engineer. Although I enjoyed doing that work, stress and injuries made that line of work something that was not in my best interests at this time. Retirement now gives me the time and the freedom to pursue my other love, photography. Since I have a huge amount of work that I never had time to edit, I will be going through my negatives, slides, and digital captures for a while! Since I have no idea of how long a while is, I will probably have a few more trips that require more time away from the older images.



I am not yet an old fossil, nor a dinosaur, but there are times I do feel my age. When I am most depressed, I turn to creating my psychedelically influenced images. As most of my favorite images come from this genre, I guess I am depressed often! Over all, life is good!

Habenero’s Mission Statement

Adventure is what my heart beats for. Living the life of a couch potato is not my style. I travel when possible. I prefer to head out to places few tourists will venture, but over the years I have found that even in well known tourist destinations I can find enjoyment. I have the need to venture out and explore the world using as many senses as possible.

I tend to be visually oriented, so I use a camera to both record what was there and to create an image most people would miss. Some images were forced to become colorful abstracts because what I envision is not always what is there! As a child of the 1960’s and 1970’s psychedelic era, I experimented with creating my style of psychedelic images. At first, I used a chemical dark room (even for the psychedelic ones), but currently I use Adobe Photoshop to create my images.

As one who has been active most of my life and has managed to earn more than a few scars. Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Therapy have been a big part of my life. They have managed to restore the range of motion and strength in my major joints and I have great admiration for their work. I prefer to dress in comfortable clothing. Tshirts are my favorites, followed closely to island styles.

Food is another of my passions. I do not like mundane or boring foods (except for ice cream). Habanero is a spicy chile that enhances the flavor of other foods in a manner I enjoy.

This site, Habenero is my tribute to my favorite chile. On this site you will find graphic based items, clothing and a few recipes that reflect this.

You have been warned, these items are not meant for the timid soul.